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Plan Commission

Meetings: The Plan Commission meets every 2nd Monday of each month at the Village Town Hall at 6:00 pm.
Term:  3 Years
The Plan Commission is to further the health, safety, welfare and wise use of resources for the benefit of current and future residents of the Village and affected neighboring jurisdictions through the adoption and implementation of comprehensive planning with significant citizen involvement.  See
Ordinance Section 2.7.04.
Randy Larson (715) 723-1908 Term Expires:  April 2022
Timothy Boehnen (715) 338-1569 Term Expires:  April 2022
Pat Spilde (715) 723-4746 Term Expires:  April 2023
Eloise Rowan (715) 832-6727 Term Expires:  April 2021
Rusty Volk (715) 834-2756 Term Expires:  April 2023
Nancy Mauhar (715) 723-4569 Term Expires:  April 2021
Per Diem Form Village Comprehensive Plan Request for Appointment
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