Garage/Yard Sale Sign Season:   With garage/yard sign season upon us, please remember that people are responsible for NOT placing their signs ON stop sign posts and MUST clean there signs up when done. Below are the rules/laws.   346.42 Interference with signs and signals prohibited. No person may intentionally damage, deface, move, or obstruct an official traffic sign or signal or neighborhood watch sign under s. 60.23 (17m) or 66.0429 (2) or intentionally interfere with the effective operation of such sign or signal.       Lake Hallie Ordinance 14, Sec 70-148 (l). Occasional Garage/Thrift/Yard Sale sign. Shall not exceed six (6) square feet in size and shall not be placed more than one (1) day prior to the sale and removed at the end of the sale. Signs shall not be affixed to any governmental signs or traffic devices located in the road right-of-way.