Village of Lake Hallie Weight Limit Ban: TEMORARY 10-TON WEIGHT LIMIT BAN VILLAGE OF LAKE HALLIE ROADS A temporary 10-ton road ban will go into effect on all Village/Town Roads in the Village of Lake Hallie, Chippewa County, WI, effective  Monday, February 5, 2024, by the order of the Village of Lake Hallie Board.    WEIGHT LIMIT BAN ~ ROADS 1. 130TH ST (SOUTH) @ CTH OO 2. 25TH AVE (WEST) @ CTH P 3. 10TH AVE (EAST) @ CTH P 4. 40TH AVE(EAST) @ CTH P 5. 40TH AVE (WEST) @ 160TH ST 6. 160TH ST (NORTH) @ 40TH AVE 7. 160TH ST (SOUTH) @ 50TH AVE 8. 160TH ST (NORTH) @ 50TH AVE 9. 50TH AVE (WEST) @ 160TH ST 10. 50TH AVE (EAST) @147TH ST 11. 145TH ST (SOUTH) @ 50TH AVE 12. 47TH AVE (EAST) @ CTH P 13. 46TH AVE (WEST) @ CTH P 14. 46TH AVE (EAST) @ 133RD ST 15. 130TH ST (SOUTH) @ PRAIRIE VIEW RD 16. 130TH ST (NORTH) @ 40TH AVE 17. 120TH ST (SOUTH) @ 40TH AVE 18. 117TH ST (NORTH) @ 40TH AVE 19. 117TH ST (SOUTH) @ 50TH AVE 20. 50TH AVE (WEST) @ 117TH ST 21. 110TH ST (NORTH) @ 40TH AVE 22. 30TH AVE (WEST) @ 110TH ST 23. 90TH ST (NORTH) @ AIRPORT RD (20TH AVE) 24. 105TH ST (NORTH) @ SUNDET RD (20TH AVE) 25. 120TH ST (NORTH) @ 30TH AVE 26. 118TH ST (SOUTH) @ CTH J 27. 118TH ST (NORTH) @ 22ND AVE 28. 22ND AVE (WEST) @ 118TH ST 29. 22ND AVE (EAST) @ CTH J 30. 111TH ST (SOUTH) @ CTH J 31. 115TH ST (NORTH) @ 20TH AVE 32. 20TH AVE (WEST) @ 115TH ST 33. 118TH ST (SOUTH) @ 21ST AVE 34. 115TH ST (SOUTH) @ PRAIRIE VIEW RD 35. 16TH AVE (EAST) @ MELBY RD 36. 115TH ST (NORTH) @ MELBY RD 37. 118TH ST (NORTH) @ MELBY RD 38. 122ND ST (SOUTH) @ MELBY RD 39. 122ND ST (NORTH) OF MELBY PAST GREENER GRASS 40. 17TH AVE (WEST) AT COMMERCIAL BLVD 41. 22ND AVE (WEST) @ COMMERCIAL BLVD 42. 22ND AVE (EAST) @ PRAIRIE VIEW RD


Temporary Seasonal Weight Restrictions

January 31, 2024

RE: Temporary Seasonal Weight Restrictions
      Chippewa County Highways


In accordance with sec. 349.16, Wisconsin Statutes, a temporary gross weight limit of six tons on any one axle and ten tons on any tandem axle less than eight feet apart will be in effect beginning on Monday, February 5th, 2024, as soon as signs are erected, on all Chippewa County Trunk Highways east of STH 27 and all Chippewa County Trunk Highways north of STH 64. The duration of these temporary weight limits will depend on weather and roadway conditions.

County Trunk Highways in these areas that will not be posted are:
• CTH D Boyd to CTH X
• CTH DD 135th Avenue to 150th Avenue
• CTH SS Bloomer to New Auburn
• All Chippewa County Highways located within the limits of incorporated cities & villages.

In addition to the above areas, the following County Trunk Highways will also be posted:
• CTH J STH 29 to CTH K
• CTH TT CTH K to STH 27
• CTH P Eau Claire County Line to CTH OO
• CTH UN Eau Claire County Line to CTH P
• CTH K CTH S to 235th Street
• CTH R STH 64 to STH 178
• CTH XX Eau Claire County Line to CTH O
• CTH MM CTH X to Clark County Line
• CTH ZZ STH 64 to STH 178
• CTH A Dunn County Line to CTH DD South
• CTH DD STH 40 to 135th Avenue
• CTH DD 150th Avenue to CTH M
• CTH C STH 40 to CTH Q

This is a critical period of time for the county highways and we request support and cooperation for this temporary load limit. Chippewa County will be enforcing the posted seasonal weight limits and penalties may be imposed under Sec. 348.21, Wis. Statutes for violations. If it appears necessary to place restrictions on any other Chippewa County Trunk Highways during this time, signs will be installed as required.

Additional information can be found by visiting the County’s website:

Brian M. Kelley, PE
Highway Commissioner