Animal Control

Dog Licensing

The Village of Lake Hallie requires a dog to be licensed over the age of six months old. Anyone who does not license their dog may be subject to a fine. The deadline to license your dog is March 31st of each year. For every dog licensed after the due date will incur a late fee of $20.00 per dog. There is a maximum of 3 dogs over the age of 5 months. See ordinance Section 5.1.04 Domestic and Exotic Animals.

Dog License Fees:

  • Neutered Male $10.00
  • Spayed Female $10.00
  • Unneutered/Unspayed Dog $20.00

Dog License Application

Lake Hallie Animal Control

As of January 1, 2012, the Village of Lake Hallie was not able to reach an agreement related to the housing of stray animals by the Chippewa Humane Association. This lack of agreement was primarily over the cost factor charged to the Village for the animal care by the Association.  The Village currently contracts for the housing of stray animals with the Eau Claire County Humane Association as they charge us fees based on the number of animals actually processed. The Village of Lake Hallie also agreed by contract to pick up stray animals in the Town of Hallie. The Village  does not routinely staff an Animal Control Unit, but instead to keep costs low, the department will use part-time police officers and have an "on call" animal control officer that will transport and care for any animals taken into custody. Animal Control in the village is fully funded by license and impound fees and the cost is NOT assessed to property taxes. The cost budgeted for animal control by the village is $7,500.00 and we are always under budget.

Does my Dog or Cat need a license?
All dogs must be licensed annually in January according to State Law that has been in effect for over 50+ years. Cats do not need to be licensed in the Village but are not allowed to leave your property. Any dog not licensed before April 1 will be fined an additional fee of $20.00 per dog. Any unlicensed dog can be issued a citation starting at $200.50. The Village Clerk's Office should be contacted for dog licenses, the Police Department does not handle this task.

Lost your Dog or Cat?
If you lost your animal, you will need to contact the Lake Hallie Police Department at (715) 726-2666. When doing so, you must provide a good description of your animal and contact information. It is important that if you lost your pet in the Village or Town that you speak with a representative of the Police Department. Do not just leave a voice message in a mailbox.

If your Dog or Cat was impounded by the Police
Officers who locate stray animals in the Village or Town will take those animals to the Village pound. In order to retrieve a lost animal, an owner must speak with a police officer or the animal control officer.  In order to reclaim your animal from the pound, you will be charged a fee as indicated below.

Animal Pound Fees
The retrieval of licensed dogs will cost the owner $30.00
The retrieval of unlicensed animals will cost the owner $40.00

(Any unlicensed dogs will be required to show a current Rabies vaccination Certificate and obtain the annual dog license through the Village Clerk at an additional fee. Payment by credit cards in any form will not be accepted.)

Unwanted Family Pets
The Village does not accept unwanted family pets. The Village contracts with the Eau Claire County Humane Association for the purpose of accepting unwanted family pets. There is a surrender fee for this service and the ECCHA would need to be contacted directly at (715) 839-4747 for an appointment.

If you found a stray animal
To report stray animals, you must call the Lake Hallie Police Department at 715-726-2666. The Police Department representative will make a decision if the situation requires an immediate response. If immediate action is necessary, the on-duty Police Officer will be dispatched. If the animal is not in your possession or an immediate threat, the case will be assigned to an “on-call” Animal Control Officer sometime in the next two days.

If you have an on-going stray animal problem
To handle repeated stray animal problems, contact the Lake Hallie Police Department at (715) 726-2666. A Police Department representative will take your complaint and assist with deciding a course of action. In many cases a report will be taken and assigned to an “on call” Animal Control Officer for follow up. The Village does have live traps that are available to be used with prior permission.

Other concerns or comments
The Police Department is always looking for helpful comments, or assistance with our animal control program. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Village of Lake Hallie Police Chief at (715) 726-2666.

Police Department Location

13138 30th Avenue
Lake Hallie, WI 54729

Office: (715) 726-2666
Fax: (715) 726-2667
Email: [email protected]

Business office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm